My Results with Lead Skimmer

“When you look at website traffic generation – big picture – it’s just a matter of identifying where your ideal traffic is, and standing in front of it!” – Willie Crawford

In my last post I decided to promote Global NPN as my primary offer.

It’s a complete business in a box offering the tools and training you need to succeed online.

They also include a high converting “done for you” sales funnel called Lead Skimmer.

I decided to use it because it also has the potential to grow my email list much faster since it also has a viral aspect built into it.

Here’s a screenshot of my results:

I purchased a 100 click solo ad and paid 35 cents a click.  The vendor was Tim Ph from a solo ads marketplace called Solo Ads X.

I ended up with 51 leads and 1 trial for an Executive membership for Global NPN.

Not bad 🙂  Now I can also market to these leads over and over again.

I then purchased a second solo ad from the same vendor for 200 clicks.

This time I got 2 premium account upgrades for Lead Skimmer totalling $50 in commissions and 86 leads.

How I Plan on Scaling My Business

Lead Skimmer acts as a great front end funnel because of the ability to make instant commissions creating a self liquidating offer or SLO.

This will help pay for the cost of my ads.  My idea now is to reinvest the money back into traffic in order to scale my business faster.

Another cool thing about Lead Skimmer is that I can also use it to promote whatever I want because the leads are exclusively mine.  I was thinking ClickBank products.

Since I’m a member of Global NPN I’m automatically a premium member.

If there’s one thing I’ve had pounded into my head while studying internet marketing it’s to build an email list.  It’s the one common element all online businesses have.

This is what appeals to me about list building:

  • The list you build is yours
  • You’ll have a higher conversion rate
  • You can promote whatever products you like
  • Most of the process can be automated
  • You can contact your subscribers whenever you like
  • Email marketing is fully scalable

So far this looks promising.  I will continue to build my list using Lead Skimmer as my funnel.

I used to think this stuff was really complicated.  That’s where the deception lies.

Recently my mentor shared a simple formula for success.  It goes like this:

SUCCESS = Simplicity X Consistency

The process is simple but not necessarily easy.  You need to hone your craft.

I’m going to continue to develop my skills as an email marketer and keep myself disciplined enough to be consistent with this.

And most of all. . .patient!

I’ll continue to post my results here and share what I’m learning along the way.

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